Top 10 Anime Betrayals in History of Anime

Top 10 Anime Betrayals

Well, yes, today we are talking about the most heart-wrenching moments of the anime when they were betrayed by the one, they used to love. So, grab some courage, and let’s take a look at the top 10 betrayals in the history of anime.

10.Futoshi- Darling in the Franxx 2018

Futoshi was betrayed by his beloved girlfriend Kokoro, who fell for another boy of their group and left him. Futoshi was left heartbroken and alone.

9.Yuki Amano-Future Diary, 2012-13

Yuki and Yuno love each other madly, but Yuno has some dark secrets and kills Yuki after stabbing herself to death.

8.Kenshin Humora-Ruroni Kenshin Trust and Betrayal,1999

The anime is full of love, blood, and betrayal. Tomeo falls in love with the girl whom he has killed her husband, and she has been planning revenge on him all long.

7. Emma-The Promised Neverland, 2019

6 years old Emma realizes that her heavenly Mother is instead a part of the demons from the hell and has been raising orphans like cattle. She breaks the leg of Emma to terrorize her. Is she really a mother or just a demon?

6.Momo Hinamori-Bleach 2004-12

Hinamori was stabbed to death by her love Lieutenant. It shattered my heart to pieces.

5.Kaname Ohgi-Code Glass, 2006-8

Kaname had the same story as Hinamori and was shot dead by his love of life.

4.Sakura Haruno-Naruto Series 2002-17


Sakura confesses her love to Sasky but he knocks her off and joins the team of the villains.

3.Makoto Itou-School Days, 2007

Sekai is betrayed by Makoto who cheats every single girl he meets, after being betrayed by his first girlfriend. Sekai after, knowing the truth kills him.

2.Ku Uraki-Mobile Suit Gundam; Stardust Memory 1991-92


Ku Uraki’s girlfriend develops romantic feelings for the villain who has been planning on destroying the Earth.

1.Sanosuke Izayoi-Danganronpa 3; The End of Peak’s High School, 2016

Selfish Sonosuke gives his boyfriend a pill of death while kissing him, and he dies by saying I love you; it is