Top 10 Baseball Teams of All Time

The world is filled with excellent baseball players. However, there are only a few teams that have dominated the sport. Some of the most illustrious and successful teams in American sports history can be found among the top ten all-time Baseball teams, spanning more than a century.

10. Oakland Athletics

The Oakland Athletics is a very successful team in baseball history, winning nine pennants and five World Series titles. The Oakland Athletics have had a long and tumultuous history, but they have stayed in the Bay Area for their entire existence.

9. Los Angeles Dodgers

The Dodgers are among the most decorated teams in baseball history, with six World Series championships and 16 Pennants. The Los Angeles Dodgers were once known as the Brooklyn Dodgers and played in New York. They became an entirely different team when they moved to California in 1958.

8. Pittsburgh Pirates

The Pittsburgh Pirates are among the most successful and respected teams in Major League Baseball, with four World Series titles and nine Pennants. In addition, the Pittsburgh Pirates have consistently been one of the National League’s strongest teams.

7. Baltimore Orioles

The Baltimore Orioles, founded in 1901, is one of MLB’s oldest franchises, having won six World Series championships throughout that period. They have won more than 10,000 games. The Baltimore Orioles might be a younger team, but they have stayed in Charm City for their entire existence. They won a World Series in 1983.

6. Boston Red Sox

The Boston Red Sox are the most winningest team in Major League Baseball history, holding records for most wins, most World Series championships, and most Hall of Famers. They have won eight World Series titles.

5. San Francisco Giants

With eight World Series victories and more Hall of Famers than any other MLB franchise, the San Francisco Giants are baseball’s oldest team.

4. Philadelphia Phillies

The Philadelphia Phillies are the fourth most winningest team in Major League Baseball history, known for their dominance during the early 20. They have won two World Series titles.

3. St. Louis Cardinals

The St. Louis Cardinals are a consistent playoff team that has been a powerhouse in Major League Baseball for three decades. They have won more than 10,000 games and 11 World Series titles.

2. Chicago Cubs

The Chicago Cubs are the second most winningest team in American sports history, winning more than 10,000 games and six World Series titles. This team has roots dating back to 1876.

1. New York Yankees

The New York Yankees is a very famous and successful team in baseball and sports. With a record of 27 World Series Championships, 40 Pennants, and 40-plus Hall of Famers, this team has earned their way into the Top 10 Baseball teams of all time.


It is not easy to establish a list of this kind as there have been so many great teams over the years. So numerous other excellent teams could have been included, but these 10 baseball teams of all time are some of the most dominant and impressive.