Top 10 World Cup Goals

Some world cup goals are timeless hits. Even after decades of occurrence, they are still talked about. Here, we will bring back some all-time favorite world cup goals.

10. Zinedine Zidane

At the tenth position, we have the iconic goal from Zinedine Zidane. Back in 2006, the legendary footballer hit a goal that is remembered to date.

9. Marco Tardelli

At the 9th place, we have Marco Tardelli’s 1982 goal against the West Germany team. This goal marked the start of what seemed like unending celebrations.

8. Helmut Rahn

At 8th place is the West German player Helmut Rahn’s 1954 goal, which paved the way for the team against Hungary in what seemed like a lost battle.

7. Ronaldo

The 7th position is taken by Ronaldo’s 2002 goal against Germany immediately after returning from an injury, proving why he is the GOAT.

6. Mario Kempes

Mario Kempes’ 1978 goal against the Netherlands might seem too old, but it was a legendary one.

 5. Emmanuel Petit

Emmanuel Petit in 1998 scored an epic goal against Brazil, putting France in a 3-0 lead against the adversary.

4. Jorge Burruchaga

The 4th position was sweeped by Jorge Burruchaga’s 1986 goal against West Germany.

3. Benjamin Pavard

At the third position, we have Benjamin Pavard’s 2018 goal against Argentina. The word “satisfying” is the easiest to use for this goal.

2. James Rodriguez

At number 2, we have James Rodriguez’s 2014 goal against Uruguay, which left the spectators absolutely flabbergasted.

1. Carlos Alberto

In the first position, we have Carlos Alberto’s 1970 strike against Italy. Asking soccer fans across the globe, this one ranks at the top.