Top 10 Anime Cutest Couples

Who does not adore the cute couples who have ignited the spark the love? Well, get ready for some spoilers because here we have a list of top 10 cutest and adorable love couples of anime.

10. Kirito and Asuna, Sword Art Online Series, 2012-14

Source: Himeko Artwork

The couple used to play online video games and started online dating and ended marrying each other and having kids.

9. Ed and Winry, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, 2012-14

Source: Fullmetal

They both had affection since their childhood and stood by each other. They had a unique chemistry. Finally, Ed took some courage to confess his love to Winry. 

8. Inuyasha and Kagome, Inuyasha Series, 2009-10

Source: InuYasha

The boy had a demonic nature and wants to attain his full form, but the table turns round when he meets Kagome. The both develop affection for each other and boy starts to change. Finally, they both admit their love for each other in the end.

7. Okabe and Kuriso, Steins Gate, 2011

Source: AnimeRants

The young genius Okabe falls in love with Talented and charming Steins during his time travel. Despite their love is unpractical, as Oabe is stuck in future, they still make love to each other.

6. Naruto and Hinata, Naruto Series, 2002-07

Source: Wallup

Hinata has always loved Naruto but Naruto was always chasing Sakura and Hinata was unable to confess her feelings but she does so and they get married latter.

5. Domon and Rain, Mobile Fighter G Gundam, 1994-95

Source: Mechanical Anime Reviews

Domon is a tough and masculine man who falls for Rain. Rain has a rather soft and joyful nature and loves Domon with all her heart. They make the best couple together.

4. Koyomi and Hittagi, Monogatari Series, 2009

Source: IMDB

Koyomi and Hittagi make the best couple nd bring out the best of each other. They both have a distinct background and amnage to love each other madly.

3. Ryuji and Taiga, Toradora, 2009

Ryuji looks like a tough guy but has a soft heart, whereas Taiga looks so innocent but gets furious in seconds. They both had crush on someone else but soon after they realize that they are made for each other.

2. Issac and Mirria, Baccano, 2007

Source: GIF Tenor

These two thieves fall in love with each other and settle together. The series is full of bloodshed and their romance.

1. Simon and Nia, Gurren Lagann, 2007

Source: ZeroChan

They both had an affection since their childhood, they faced traumatic events together and their love became stronger. They both get married and Nia dies just after the wedding.