Top 10 Christmas Traditions

The holidays are just around the corner. Whether your family and friends celebrate Christmas or another holiday during this time of year, it’s essential to carry on old traditions and establish new ones. This list will give you some great ideas for Christmas traditions in your home.

10. Host a Holiday Game Night Party

Game nights with family and friends are a super fun and entertaining way to enjoy the holiday season. There are so many game options to choose from including a favorite board game, a homemade Jeopardy board, a giant whiteboard for a Pictionary battle, or a classic game of charades. Mix in a costume contest to take your party to the next level.

9. Make Homemade Ornaments

Making Christmas decorations together is a fun way to create good memories. Whether you glue, paint, glitter, or paper mache your decorations, this is an activity that the whole family can enjoy.

8. Visit Santa Claus at the Mall

Another great tradition is visiting Santa Claus at the mall with your family. If it’s your first time meeting Santa, it’s magical. There are also usually crafts and activities the children can do while waiting in line.

7. Make a Gingerbread House

It’s fun to create an entire little village out of gingerbread. This is another activity the whole family can enjoy, so you’ll all build memories while having fun!

6. Watch a Classic Christmas Movie

In many homes across the world, watching a classic Christmas movie like “It’s a Wonderful Life” or “Elf” every holiday season is a favorite holiday tradition. Go ahead, set a date and invite your friends for a fun Christmas movie night.

5. Advent Calendar Countdown to Christmas

An advent calendar is a fun way to build up excitement as Christmas Day approaches. On each of the 24 days of December leading up to Christmas, you open up a new surprise for that day. There are many advent calendar options for all ages from small treats, toys, crafts, jewelry, and more.

4. Read Holiday Stories Like “Twas the Night Before Christmas”

Going along with tradition, there is nothing more classic than reading heartwarming and festive stories about the holidays. You can share these tales with your family over hot cocoa and cuddles so everyone feels warm and cozy during this special time of year.

3. Decorate Christmas Cookies

Many families love baking at Christmastime. So bake Christmas cookies with your children and decorate them together! Use red, green, silver, white, etc., to make beautiful gingerbread houses or stars on top of sugar cookies.

2. White Elephant Gift Exchange

Gift exchanges are a fun tradition to enjoy with family and friends every Christmas celebration. Everyone brings an inexpensive gift and takes turns picking one of the gifts or “stealing” a previously opened gift from someone else. The gift selection order is determined by drawing numbers from a hat. There are several variations you could try including a handmade gift exchange that might include hand drawn cards, sewn stuffed animals, or knitted scarves!

1. Display a Nativity Scene

A nativity scene is a unique and meaningful tradition to share with your family. Whether you like to keep yours simple with just the basics or set up an entire village, it’s essential to display the story of Jesus’ birth during this time of year.


There are many great Christmas traditions out there to try with your family this holiday season! Hopefully, these ideas will inspire you to create some new ones. Have a happy holiday! 🙂