Top 10 Saddest Anime Deaths

The world is full of awesome anime and heart wrenching storylines which move the hearts of millions daily. We have had our fair share of sad deaths in anime series throughout the years but some deaths just were so harsh, they left permanent marks on their viewers. So, here is the list of top 10 saddest anime deaths that we think caused the teariest eyes:

10. Shirley in Code Geass

Source: Spoilers Rewatch

The protagonist Lelouch gets to watch the death of his beloved friend with his own eyes. After having regained her memories, she is shot dead by a twisted Rolo. As Lelouch desperately uses his powers to save her, he fails in the face of death.

9. Ushio in Clannad

Source: Best of Anime

After the death of her mother, viewers thought that Ushio will get to live peacefully with her father. But poor Tomoya had to deal with a very hard life ahead of himself. Ushio is diagnosed with the same disease that her mother had. She dies peacefully in the arms of her father leaving the viewers decimated.

8. L in Death Note

Source: OtakuKart

The antagonist of the extremely successful series, Death Note; L is killed by Kira by deploying the most twisted plan in all of anime history. This certain death marks the inevitable victory of Kira but the writers had other plans.

7. Menma in Anohana

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The viewers of the series were already somewhat aware of the fact that Menma wasn’t alive yet the last episode came with the confirmation that she couldn’t be with her friends leaving her fans with an empty feeling.

6. Minato and Kushina in Naruto Shippuden

Source: Tokyo Gazette

Two very promising and important characters from the Naruto franchise, the parents of Naruto himself sacrificed their own lives while stopping 9 tails and sealing it within their own baby to secure the village.

5. Levi Squad in Attack on Titan

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Next up is the gruesome death of the entire Levi squad. The seasoned titan killers are all taken down in a matter of seconds by the female titan and are not shown even the slightest of mercy. This causes Levi to lose his temper and go berserk on the female titan.

4. Kaori Miyazono in Your Lie in April

Source: Anime Pop Heart

From one of the most successful and popular romance series, Kaori first appears to be full of life and positive energy. When it is dawned on the fans that she is gravely sick and is dying, nothing remains the same.

3. Itachi Uchiha in Naruto Shippuden

Source: Reddit

Another one from the Naruto Franchise. Itachi, the elder brother of Sasuke had one of the most disturbing back stories and is still one of the most favourite characters of the series. Itachi’s death reveal his original past and motives and the viewers are left wondering about the pain that he had to endure all these years all by himself.

2. Lelouch in Code Geass

Source: Code Geass Wiki

The unsung hero of the series, Lelouch chooses to face his end with the mutual consent oh him willing to die and his own best friend willing to kill him as a fraud in front of the whole world. Before his death everything is revealed to his sister which causes her and the fans to burst into tears.

1. Jiraya The Galland in Naruto Shippuden

Source: Double Lasers

The final battle of the strongest Sannin, leaves such a deep hole in the hearts of the fans that can never be filled. The lovable, all time favorite teacher of Naruto dies at the hands of Pain. The most heart wrenching moment is that he didn’t even get to say goodbye to his godson and student Naruto.