Top 10 Mythical Creatures

The Greek Mythologies have always captured the eyes of people. There are numerous beautiful and furious characters. Here is a list top 10 most popular mythical creatures.

10. The Sphinx

Source: Mythology Explained

The Sphinx is famous for both Egyptian and Greek mythology. The character has a body of lion, the face of a human and wings of an eagle. They are the gatekeepers. Upon crossing the Sphinx’s path, it will challenge the person with a riddle; which creature walks on four legs in the morning, on two legs in the afternoon and three in the evening. If remained unanswered or replied with a wrong one the person will be devoured by the beast. 

9. Satyrs

Source: Wizards of the Coast

Remember Satyrs (the Hercules-1997), the little trouble makers friend of Hercules? These little creatures are the companions of the god Vine and love drinking. They are also affiliated with fertility and ill tempered. They have a horses tail, legs of a goat, and a short stature body of a human.

8. Chimera

Source: Toriko Fan Fiction

The powerful hybrid female creature has a body and one head of a lion, one more goat head and a tail of a snake. She has enormous jaws and can breathe fire and is prone to attack anything.

7. Medusa

Source: Mythology Wiki

The snake heady lady belongs to the house of Gorgons. It can turn men to stone with only its single gaze. Perseus defeated her and killed her according to the myths (Clash of the Titans).

6. Cerberus

Source: Pawel Fotek, Boombit Games

It is a triple headed fierce and strong guard-dog. It was featured in the “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone-2001”. It is the gate-keeper of Hades who prevents all the astray souls from breaking out of the underworld. The Roman Hercules is known to have killed Cerberus.

5. Centaurs

Source: Wallpaper Safari

The popular zodiac sign of Sagittarius has a lower half horse body and upper half of a human. They are resident in the Forbidden forest of Hogwarts (Harry Potter). They are known to be wise and have a thirst for knowledge and power.

4. Minotaur

Source: GM Binder

Te powerful Minotaur has the head of a bull and was featured in “Wrath of the Titans-2012” and in the video game “God of the War”.

3. Cyclops

Source: Wikia

These are the family of Giants with a round single eye. They have good crafting skills and a nasty nature. He was featured in “The Hercules” and in “ The Odyssey-1997”.

2. Pegasus

Source: Mythical Creatures

The most beautiful winged white-colored horse came into existence from the blood of Medusa after she was defeated at the hand of Perseus. It has numerous famous appearances in the video game “God of War” and many others.

1. Hydra

Source: Greek Myth Wikia

It is a furious multi-headed water serpent who guarded a gate-way to the underworld. It was almost impossible to kill the snake as it will grow 2 more heads if it’s one head was cut down until Hercules came and killed it.