Top 10 Hottest Female Swimmers

Women have gained their status in every aspect of life alongside men. The same goes for sports or in this case swimming to be specific. Here’s a list of top 10 female swimmers from across the world.

10. Hanna Maria

Hanna Maria is a Finnish swimmer who won the 100m title in the 2003 world Aquatics championships. Her Nordic charm and beauty are unrivaled just like the female Norse Goddesses.

9. Amanda Beard

Amanda Beard is the 2 times holder of America’s swimmer of the year title. She is a blonde beauty with a slender body.

8. Laure Manaudou

Born in France, Laure is a retired swimmer who is the daughter of a French father and a Dutch mother. Maybe that is from where she got her beautiful traits.

7. Keri Anne Payne

Keri Anne is a SouthAfrican born British swimmer. She is a pro-freestyle swimmer and specializes in long-distance swimming competitions.

6. Flavia Delaroli

Now we stumble upon a Brazilian beauty who has represented Sante Paulo/Brazil twice in the Olympics.

5 & 4. Bia And Barranca Feres

Bia is also a Brazilian piece of nature’s art. She has been swimming since the age of 3 and also does modeling identical twin sister of Bia Feres, Bianca stands at the same throne of beauty like her sister.

3. Haley Cope

Here is another Blonde American beauty who comes at the 3rd spot for our sexiest swimmers list. She might be retired but she holds many medals and a world record to her name.

2. Natalie Coughlin

Here comes a personal favorite, Natalie. She is not only hot but is also every man’s dream. She has won countless medals and has won 2 titles in the Olympics.

1. Zsuzsanna Jakabs

The sexiest female swimmer alive is Zsuzsanna, a Hungarian beauty. She holds the most important spot on our list. She has competed from 2004-2016 and her charm is unrivaled.