Top 10 Hottest Female UFC Fighters

UFC is an American based company that organizes different fighting competitions. Male and female fighters both participate in the challenges. Here’s a list of top 10 Female Wrestlers.

10. Juli Firso

Juli Firso is a beautiful fighter. Her lean body looks so attractive. The lady runs her own martial arts academy and is looking forward to doing much more.

9. Rachel Ostovich

Rachael Ostovich is a beautiful fighter of UFC. Her legs and thighs look stunning in every picture.

8. Paige VanZant

Paige VanZant is a stunning UFC fighter. She started her career as a model and became interested in UFC fighting later.

7. Anastasia

Anastasia is a fabulous fighter. Her beautiful eyes can confuse anyone.

6. Felice Herrig

Felice Herrig is a stunning UFC fighter. Her slim and slender body looks so much alluring.

5. Jenae Noonan

Jenae Noonan is a beautiful red-headed UFC fighter. She is a multitalented fighter who is also a bestselling author and a model simultaneously.

4. Michelle “The Karate Hottie” Waterson

The hottie is famous for her beautiful lean body. She is also famous for her Instagram posts as she keeps posting uplifting posts on her Instagram.

3. Valentina Schevchenko

Valentina Schevchenko is one of the hottest UFC fighters. She is an excellent fighter and has won many battles.

2. Andrea “KGB” Lee

Andrea is the sexiest UFC fighters. Her bold photoshoot is one worth watching.

1. Amber Stautzenberger

Amber Stautzenberger is a talented and beautiful fighter. Her moves can knock out anyone in the battle. She is a mother and is an inspiration for a healthy lifestyle and physical fitness