Top 10 Hottest Journalists of America

Journalism is a field that requires integrity, honesty, and intellect. Journalists are bold, brave and beautiful. Here’s a list of top 10 journalists of America.

10. Julie Banderas

Julie Banderas is the stunning and intelligent news reporter of the channel FOX News. Her alluring way of speaking will make you feel enchanted.

9. Hannah Allam

Hannah Allam is the beautiful anchor of the BuzzFeed News. The beauty has gained a name because of her hard work.

8. Laila Al-Arian

Laila Al-Arian is a beautiful Muslim journalist in America. Her confident style beats everyone in the list

7. Caitlin Hendee

Caitlin Hendee is an American journalist. She has worked for Fox and now the beautiful lady is the producer of @9NEWS.

6. Sage Steele

Sage Steele is an African American journalist. Her black eyes and curly hair define that beauty comes in all shades.

5. Susan Li

Susan Li is a gorgeous blonde beauty. She has worked for FOX News.

4. Alicia Quarles

Quarles is a stunning American journalist. She is running her own blog about the off-camera lifestyle of celebrities.

3. Megan Kelly

Megan Kelly is a blonde beauty in America. She is such talented journalists and has made it host the Primetime show of Fox News.

2. Richelle Carey

Richelle Carey is one of the most beautiful journalists in the USA. She is working for Al Jazeera America.

1. Yanet Garcia

Yanet Garcia is the one the most demanding reporter. She has a bold and beautiful lean body. Her Instagram followers are over 2 million.