Top 10 Most Dangerous Wildfires in the World

The beautiful nature can be destroyed in minutes if it catches fire. Wildfires can be a result of instinctive or non-instinctive accidents.

Here is a list of the Top 10 Most Dangerous Wildfires in the World.

10. California Wildfires – Fall 2007

Nine thousand distinct fires were initiated as the result of a single fire. The border of Santa Barbara County and the US-Mexico border were demolished. 14 people were burnt to death.

9. Great Chicago Fire – October 1871

A small fire was ignited in a barn at DeKoven Street. It damaged property worth $220 million. 300 people died. The wood houses spread the fire and it continued to spread.

8. 2016 Fort McMurray Wildfire – May 2016

The fire was triggered in the petroleum industry. 1.5 million acres were burnt that was worth $3.5 billion. Hot blazes supported the fire and it took months to diminish it completely.

7. Great Hinckley Fire – September 1894

Numerous small fires triggered in Pine County, as there were many trees there, the fire spread in the whole region. 200,000 acres of land were damaged. More than 400 people died.

6. Black Saturday Bushfires – February 2009

Australia has seen numerous fires over time. In 2019 it again faces Wild Bush Fires that killed many species of animals and some even became endangered Black Saturday bushfires are the worst. More than 400 distinct fires ignited in the state of Victoria which burned one million acres of land. 173 people were be-alighted.

5. Great Fire of U.S – August 1910

The Big Burn of 1910 spread burned across the U.S. It was a harsh and dry Summer that caused numerous little fires to start. Millions of acres of land were demolished. 87 people were found dead.

4. Great Fire of London – September 1666

A bakery on Pudding Lane started the fire. It was then fanned into a great firestorm. 13,000 houses were destroyed. Fortunately, only 6 people died.

3. Great Fire of Rome – July 64 AD

The fire started when ignitable goods were burnt in a market. There a myth that Emperor Nero might have started as he hated the city’s aesthetics. Many people lost their lives, 14 distinct regions were completely burnt.

2. Cloquet Fire – October 1918

Dry weather conditions and railroad caused Cloquet fire. In only 24 hours 450 people died and a large area of the town (38 different communities) was burnt.

1. Peshtigo Fire – October 1871

It is the worst fire recorded ever. 1,500 to 2,500 people died. Several little fires were also set that burnt many forests and fields. A firestorm was created which burnt 1.2 million acres of land with the Peshtigo Fire Museum was created later to pay tribute to the people who lost their lives to this fire.