Top 10 NFL Wide Receivers of All Time

Wide receiver is the crucial position in the NFL since everyone has their eyes on their catches while receiving the most criticism when catches are bobbled. With all the pressure, the wide receiver position has created big names and stars in the history of the NFL. Read on for a ranking of the Top 10 NFL wide receivers of all time.

10. Lance Alworth: San Diego Chargers 1962-1970, Dallas Cowboys 1971-1972

Top 10 NFL Wide Receivers
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Lance Alworth was UPI AFL Player of the year in 1963 and undoubtedly the best wide receiver of the 60s and made to our list of top 10 NFL wide receivers of all time. He scored over 1000 yards in seven seasons. He was the six times first-team All-Pro and joined the hall of fame in 1978. He ended his career with 10,266 yards, 85 touchdowns, and 542 receptions.

9. Cris Carter: Philadelphia Eagles 1987-89, Minnesota Vikings 1990-2001, Miami Dolphins 2002

Top 10 NFL Wide Receivers
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Carter was one of the most dominant receivers of the 90s. he was an eight-time pro bowler and two -time All pro and joined the hall of fame in 2013. He has a record of 130 touchdowns and is ranked fourth all-time in receiving touchdowns. He scored over 1000 yards in eight straight seasons. His career ended with 13,899 yards, 1,101 receivers, and 130 touchdowns.

8. Larry Fitzgerald: Arizona Cardinals 2004- current

Top 10 NFL Wide Receivers
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Fitzgerald is the youngest player to catch 1000 and is currently at No 2 on the all-time receiving list. He has also been a pro bowler for 11 times and has led NFL in catches twice.  He has played nine seasons with over 10000 yards and is one of the best wide receivers. He will end his career with top ten marks in touchdowns and reception, and will enter the hall of fame.

7. Terrell Owens: San Francisco 49ers 1996-2003, Philadelphia Eagles 2004-2005, Dallas Cowboys 2006-2008, Buffalo Bills 2009, Cincinnati Bengals 2010

Top 10 NFL Wide Receivers
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A very well-deserved player to be inducted into the Hall of fame due to his impressive career in receiving. He scored 15,934 receiving yards, 153 touchdowns, and 1078 receptions in his career. Owens was a very talented player, and all he was concerned about was delivery on the field. He has been an All- pro bowler for six times and first-team All pro for five times. Currently, he ranks at number 3 on all-time receiving yards.

6. Randy Moss: Minnesota Vikings: 1998-2004, Oakland Raiders 2005-2006, New England Patriots 2007-2010, Tennessee Titans 2010, Minnesota Vikings 2010, San Francisco 49ers 2012

Top 10 NFL Wide Receivers
Source: The Viking Age

The only player other than Jerry Rice to score 1000 receiving yards in 10 seasons. Moss was a six-time pro bowler, four-time All pro, and ranks fourth in receiving yards, as he racked up 15,292 receiving yards in his career. He also holds a single-season touchdown reception record and ranks second in receiving touchdowns.

5. Marvin Harrison: Indianapolis Colts 1996-2008

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Marvin had a 14 years of remarkable career with some of the best seasons of all time. From 1999 to 2006, he posted 1000 yards and 10 touchdowns every year. Most of his best seasons were with Peyton Manning, and the duo made a record of 114 touchdowns together. In 2002, he made a record of 143 catches and 1,722 receiving yards.  Harrison posted 14,580 yards in his 14-year career. He became a member of the pro football Hall of fame, class of 2016.

4. Don Hutson: Green Bay Packers 1935-1945

Source: Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

Don Hutson is one of the oldest and best NFL wide receivers of all time. Hutson was an eight-time first-team All pro. His NFL record of 99 touchdowns is what made him the best wide receiver of the 30s and 40s and the only player to record 3500 yards before 1945. He ended his career with 7991 yards, 488 receptions, and 99 touchdowns.

3. Steve Largent: Seattle Seahawks 1976-1989

Source: The Seattle Times

Steve Largent raised many bars before his retirement and made every major receiving records for others to break. He was the first player to catch 100 touchdown passes, one of the only ten receivers to score 100 touchdowns. He ended his career with 819 catches, 13,089 receiving yards, and 100 touchdowns. He was the seven-time pro bowler and led the receiving yards in NFL twice.

2. Calvin Johnson: Detroit Lions 2007-2015

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Calvin Johnson had a short career as he played only nine seasons and retired at the age of 30 but still, he managed to become one the best NFL wide receivers of all time. And despite this short career, he racked up 731 receptions, 11,619 receiving yards, and 83 touchdowns. Megatron was named first-team All-pro from 2011-2013, making a record of nearly 2000 receiving yards in 2012. Calvin is no doubt the best wide receiver in deltoid’s history.

1. Jerry Rice: San Francisco 1985-2000, Oakland Raiders 2000-2004, Seattle Seahawks 2004

Source: Sporting News

Jerry rice deserves to hold the number 1 place in the 10 best NFL receivers of all time as he is undoubtedly the greatest wide receivers of all time. He has set records that no player can break till now. An 11-time pro bowler, 10-time first-team All pro, two offensive player of the year winner, and three super bowl winner. He made a record of unbreakable 1,549 catches, 22,895 yards, and 197 touchdowns.

So, these are the 10 best NFL wide receivers of all time. Let us know if your favorite NFL player made it to the list.