Top 10 Coronavirus COVID-19 Memes

There is no denying the overall blues that we received during the pandemic. Even though the times are still grim, there is always a ray of hope in the most disturbing situations. Coronavirus memes are one of the best ways to get through the tension-filled times. By channeling ones anxieties into memes can help in making things funnier and lighter. If you are fond of memes, here are the top 10 COVID-19 memes.

10. The Coronavirus Staycation Look

With everyone locked up in their homes, the best home-vacation look is the “corona staycation” look for your day-to-day routine.

9. Snacking During Quarantine

This is the current case with all of us. With lockdown rules abiding us to stay at home, this is what all of us have become after continuous binging during quarantine.

8. Humorous Delivery Guy

Coronavirus confused with Corona –the leading liquor brand, is the funniest source of all COVID-19 memes out there.

7. Missing the Daily Struggles

As we went through our daily struggles of life, coronavirus taught us to value the same – in a funny way.

6. Coughing is a Serious Crime

While sneezing and coughing are normal activities, they are equivalent to something dangerous during the pandemic.

5. Introverts’ Dream Come True

With the “quarantine” status, introverts are in for a special treat!

4. Stay at Home is the New COVID-19 Norm

Whatever might be the condition, Stay At Home is the all new norm.

3. A Different Kind of Apocalypse

In contrast to other forms of pandemic, the coronavirus is a different kind of apocalypse.

2. Working from Home is Difficult

We can completely understand the struggles of working parents.

1. The Urge to Stock Up on Everything

With the tensions amidst the lockdown, this is what every house looks like!