Top 10 Most Expensive Pet Houses

The people fond of petting animals also need a pet house where their pet a dog or a cat can stay or sleep comfortably. Pet keepers have spent a lot of money on designing and making luxurious pet houses for their favorite pet. Here is a list of the top 10 most expensive pet houses.

Image Credits: “Success Story”

10. The Farmhouse – $2,200

It is a simple and beautiful pet house made like the homes situated in the countryside.

9. The Dream Come True – $2,600

This beautiful house is like a fairytale house and can be made on-demand.

8. Modern Dog Home – $3,000

The house is designed by the company Out of the Crate. The house has multiple glass windows and doors.

7. The Palace – $3,400

The house is designed like a place and has luxurious embroider bedsheets and little sofa for the dogs.

6. Swiss Chalet Dog Home – $5,300

The house is like a mansion situated in the Swiss Alps.

5. The Colonial – $6,100

The house was designed by La Petite Maison and is the replica of his own house.

4. Home Replica – $25,000

As the name suggests, the house is a replica of the owner’s house.

3. California Hills Dog Mansion – $30,000

The beautiful pet house is like the houses of Hollywood celebrities situated at Hollywood Hills home.

2. The Mansion – $325,000

It is a double story house bought by Paris Hilton for her dogs. It is just like the house in Paris.

1. Andy Ramus Designed Dog House – $417,000

It is the most expensive house that has features like filtered waste, television, retinas can, etc.