Top 10 Most Dangerous Beaches in the World

Beaches are the place to relax and spend a good time sunbathing for most people. But what we do not realize is that some beaches and their waters can be more than dangerous for anyone to even be there.

10. Amazon River Beaches

The Amazon River Beaches are dangerous, just like the Amazon Forest. The waters are full of electric eels, anaconda, and piranhas that might not be much welcoming to an outsider.

9. Chowpatty Beach

The Chowpatty beach in Mumbai (India) contains toxic material which is highly unsuitable for life. It is full of garbage and untreated sewage is all around the beach that can easily make one sick.

8. Kilauea Beach

This beach in Mexico is located close to a volcano. The volcano has been erupting continuously since the last 35 years and the lava enters the water. The temperatures of the water can reach as high as 100 degrees C that can easily burn anyone.

7. Playa Zipolite

Playa Zipolite is the only nude beach in Mexico. It is considered one of the world’s most dangerous beaches and also known by the name ‘beach of the dead’ because of the riptides that have no mercy for anyone who steps into the waters.

6. Gansbaai

The waters of Gansbaai beaches are full of sharks and have known to attacked many people that have tried to take a swim in the waters of it.

5. Fraser Island

As we already know that Australia is infamous for overflowing with dangerous animals and insects, this beach is no exception. There are many jellyfish in the waters of Fraser Island that have stung people before and dingoes on the beach that have attacked humans previously.

4. New Smyrna Beach

Smyrna Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Florida, but the tides and waters are overflowing with sharks that have ripped many visitors into pieces.

3. Cape Tribulation

This beach in Australia is brimming with stingers that can sting a person to death, literally. There are also a lot of crocodiles that probably won’t spare one. The beach is infamous for a reason.

2. Skeleton Coast

Skeleton Coast is located in Namibia and is called so because of so many different predators that lie there. Both the animals like tigers and hyenas on the beach and sharks inside the waters. The Benguela Current is also responsible for destroying a number of ships.

1. Hanakapiai Beach

The reason for Hanakapiai being on number one is that it has swallowed a large number of visitors inside of it. It is also known as the monster of rip tides and is the reason why so many lost their lives. It is located in Hawaii.