Top 10 Most Dangerous Wave Pools in the World

Are you someone who loves adventure? Then here is a list of top 10 amazing and most dangerous wave pools that you’ll be sure to give a try, if you dare.

10. Tokyo Summer Land, Japan

It is the most crowded pool in the world. As the name suggests it is located in Tokyo. It has amazing slides and inflatable inner tubes. However the crowds that result from the enormous number of people who visit this destination make it a dangerous place to swim.

9. Calypso Themed Waterpark, Ottawa

This waterpark has the most dangerous pools that can cause disorientation for swimmers due to repeated waves. Harsh chemicals were also used to clean the water which it has been alleged of using in excessive amounts in 2012 as many people got sick and had to send for emergency treatment.

8. Wave Palace Siam Park, Tenerife

It is the largest theme water park in the world. People can surf the waves that are an incredible 9.8 feet high here. With such high waves and large crowds of swimmers, amateurs should not be looking to swim in the wave pool due to the accidental risk of drowning.

7. Cowabunga Bay Water Park, Henderson Nevada

There have been 2 major accidents in this pool. The first was in 2015 when a boy almost drowned, and again in 2017 when an 8-year boy drowned and died in the pool. The park was sued for the incidents for not having enough lifeguards.

6. Raging Water Wave Pool, San Jose

This wave pool also does not have sufficient safety measures. A girl almost drowned in the water but was saved by a lifeguard and was sent to the hospital.

5. Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon Surf Pool, Florida

It is the second most visited park in the world and is located in Florida. 6 feet high waves can be experienced in its surf pool every 10 seconds.

4. Captain Jack’s Wave Pool Waterworld, Colorado

It is the largest park in the US. It has 2 distinct wave pools. Both of them produce several waves every 10 minutes. In 2009 a 49 year old man was drowned in the Captain Jacks pool.

3. The Pool Of Death Khipu Falls, Lihue Hawaii

The sizzling pool is also known as the pool of death. It creates immense waves that have killed 5 people.

2. Grave Pool at Mountain Creek Waterpark, New Jersey

It is also called a class action park because numerous people got injured here in the 1980s and in 1987 a man was drowned in the pool. People who have visited the park claim that lifeguards are constantly busy saving drowning people and it is not safe to swim in there.

1. Yulong Xiu Yin Water Wave Pool, China

In 2019 on July 30th, 44 people were injured when the wave machine started running out of order and created a 9 feet high wave. The wave hit everyone and slammed many people upon the pavement surrounding the pool.