Top 10 Most Dangerous Chemical Accidents

Part of the village of Sviatsk in the Bryansk region lies in ruins after it was destroyed by liquidators. All that remains to destroy are the old Russian stoves and their chimneys. The sign reads "Attention, radioactive zone. Authorized passage only" and "Dangerous Zone! Walking, Grass, Mushroom and Bay Picking is Strictly Forbidden." (Photo by Igor Kostin/Sygma via Getty Images)

Handling chemicals is a crucial part that is learned in every industry. Personal Protection Equipment is used, specific lab rules are made to be followed. But a single mishandling can lead to chaos. Here is a list of the top 10 worst chemical accidents globally.

10. Toulouse, France – September 21, 2001

An unknown cause, caused 300 tons of AN (ammonium nitrate) to explode. Buildings residing by the area of 3 km were destroyed, 30 people died and ten thousand were injured.

9. Oppau, Germany – September 21, 1921

In 1921 the workers at BASF’s were looking for a way to melt the solidified 4,500-ton ammonium nitrate (AN) and ammonium sulfate. The method which was used caused the AN to explode killing 500 people, destroying 80 percent of all homes in Oppau.

8. Texas City, Texas, US – April 16, 1947

The Grandcamp – the French ship was unloading AN (ammonium nitrate) when it caught fire. The captain advised the steaming system to control the fire, which went ineffective and the whole ship exploded. 576 people died and thousands were injured.

7. Texas City, Texas, US – March 23, 2005

In 2005 BP’s Texas City oil refinery experienced an explosion. The chairman accepted that it was their negligence and they were fined heavily. 15 people were killed and 150 were injured when a hydrocarbon distillation tower was malfunctioned.

6. Jilin City, China – November 13, 2005

China-based Jilin Petrochemical’s exploded due to leakage of benzene. The raw material caught fire and exploded. The near-by river was contaminated and the tap water became yellow to red. 5 people were killed and 70 got injured.

5. Schweizerhalle, Switzerland – November 1, 1986

Five lac fish were killed due to the contamination of chemicals of the Sandoz chemical factory in the River Rhine. The incident caused to happen environmental legislation in Europe.

4. Flixborough, United Kingdom – June 1, 1974

Health and Safety at Work Act were introduced in the UK when vapors of cyclohexane escaped pipes. It killed 28 people and injured almost 70 people. The property along the unit was damaged as well. The disaster led to the, introduced the same year when the Health and Safety Executive was also established.

3. Seveso, Italy – July 10, 1976

ICMESA a chemical plant at Italy heated up overheated, resulting in the outburst of dioxins, which were used in the making of pesticides. The whole atmosphere became toxic and was not suitable for breathing.

2. Chernobyl, Ukraine – 1986

A reactor ruptured during the performance of the safety test and other reactors exploded along. It released 400 times more radioactive waves that were released in nuclear bombs in Japan.

1. Bhopal, India – December 3, 1984

The US-based Union Carbide’s pesticide plant located in Bhopal, India, faced the worst accident. Methyl isocyanate gas leaked due to the entry of water into the tanks and caused explosions. 2000 causalities occurred instantly, while 8000 died later.