Top 10 Most Expensive Universities

Everyone wants to get a higher education to become more educated and to do that dream job. Universities are present globally and are offering a variety of degrees in numerous programs. Here’s a list of top 10 most expensive universities.

10. Harvey Mudd College – Undergraduate $57,401 (£43,986)

The university is present in Los Angeles in California. Here specializations are available in STEM fields. Stanley Love and George Nelson re well-known alumni of the university.

9. Franklin & Marshall College – Undergraduate: $57,624 (£44,157)

The college specializes in liberal arts and has created in 1787. The university has a contract with the Italian Fashion House and itself is known as a Fashion Brand globally.

8. University of Chicago – Undergraduate: $57,954 (£44,410)

The university was created by John Rockefeller in 1890. Astronomer Carl Sagan is one of the most known alumni of the university.

7. Trinity College – Undergraduate: $57,991 (£44,438)

The college is specialized in liberal arts. It is present in Hartford. It is also offering a few degrees in engineering. The university is also offering a few degrees in other countries as Barcelona and Vienna. Journalist George Will is one of the alumni of the college.

6. Reed College – Undergraduate: $58,440 (£44,782)

It is also a private liberal arts college, present in Portland. Specialization in Humanities is known as best here. The university offers small duration programs without any co-curricular activity. Larry Sangar, one of the founders of Wikipedia is notable alumni of the college.

5. Boston College – Undergraduate: $58,485 (£44,819)

The college is a Roman Catholic is an independent research university. The university is famous for producing well-known athletes such as Brian Gionta.

4. Amherst College – Undergraduate: $58,640 (£44,938)

The college is also offering degrees in liberal arts. It is located in Northeast America. Jeffrey Wright belongs to the alumni of the college.

3. Columbia University – Undergraduate: $59,416 (£45,533)

It is located in New York. There have been many kinds of researches done at the college that brought revolution such as laser technology. Barack Obama is one of the well reputable alumni of the college.

2. Tufts University – Undergraduate: $59,599 (£45,673)

It is present in Massachusetts. The university offers a variety of extracurricular activities. The founder of eBay Pierre is a well-known alumnus of the college.

1. Vassar College – Undergraduate: $59,887 (£45,894)

It is the most expensive college in the whole world. It is located in New York. Students are given the freedom to learn any language of choice and also students are exchanged with other universities for one or more semesters. Lis Kudrow the famous actress in the popular alumni of the college.