Top 10 NFL Quarterback Football Heroes of All-Time

Quarterbacks are arguably the most important position to play in football. The NFL has produced many great quarterbacks since its start with a wide range of quarterback types having exceptional abilities like perfect throwers, top-notch scramblers, and rapid-fire gunslingers. Check out the top 10 NFL quarterbacks of all time who have given a lot to the game.

10. Roger Staubach: Dallas Cowboys 1969-1979

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Staubach joined Dallas in 1969 after serving in the US Navy Academy. He played with the club for 11 consecutive seasons as a quarterback. Staubach played a vital role for Dallas to win the Super Bowl two times in Super Bowl VI and Super Bowl XII. Staubach became the Most Valuable Player (MVP) of Super Bowl VI. During his 11-year NFL career, he was named to the Pro Bowl six times.

9. Brett Favre: Atlanta Falcons 1991, Green Bay Packers 1992–2007, New York Jets 2008, Minnesota Vikings 2009–2010

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Brett Favre is considered as one of the strongest gunslinging quarterbacks in the history of the NFL. He had an exceptional career with the Green Bay Packers where he won multiple individual accolades such as 3x MVP and 11x Pro Bowler. Favre played a record 321 straight NFL games and became the only quarterback in history to top 70,000 passing yards and 500 touchdowns. Favre won Super Bowl XXXI with the Packers.

8. Dan Marino: Miami Dolphins 1983-1999

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Although Marino never won the Super Bowl, he still had a magnificent career as a quarterback in the 1980s. He completed 61,361 passing yards and 420 touchdowns during his entire NFL career, which is quite an achievement. During his second year in the NFL, he completed 5,084 yards and 48 touchdowns. He was named MVP in 1984. Moreover, he was a 9x Pro Bowler.

7. Terry Bradshaw: Pittsburgh Steelers 1970-1983

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Terry Bradshaw was a brilliant quarterback. He played for the Pittsburgh Steelers for 14 consecutive seasons and won four Super Bowl titles. At that time, he became the first quarterback to win three and four Super Bowls. Moreover, he led the Steelers to 8x AFC Central championships. He was also included in the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1989.

6. Steve Young: Los Angeles Express 1984–1985, Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1985–1986, San Francisco 49ers 1987–1999

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Steve Young had an amazing journey in the NFL with a lot of ups and downs. He played as a quarterback in the NFL for 15 seasons, in which he mostly played for the San Francisco 49ers. Young was named the NFL MVP two times in 1992 and 1994. He was also the MVP of Super Bowl XXIX. In 1994, he set a new NFL record for passer rating at 112.8.

5. John Elway: Denver Broncos, 1983-1998

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Elway had a 16 year professional career with the Denver Broncos leading his team to six AFC Championship Games and 2 Super Bowl championships. He was the second most prolific quarterback in 1999. Elway retired after a Super Bowl title, defeating the Green Bay Packers 31–24 in Super Bowl XXXII. He also won the MVP for that Super Bowl. Elway was part of the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2004.

4. Peyton Manning: Indianapolis Colts 1998–2011, Denver Broncos 2012–2015

top 10 NFL quarterbacks
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Peyton Manning played as a quarterback in the NFL for 18 seasons amassing 5 MVP awards and 14 Pro Bowl appearances. He played for the Indianapolis Colts for 14 years and Denver Broncos for four years. Manning led the Indianapolis Colts to eight division championships, two AFC championships, and the Super Bowl title in Super Bowl XLI from 1998 to 2011. From 2012 to 2015, he played for the Denver Broncos where he won Super Bowl 50 in the final game of his career.

3. Johnny Unitas: Pittsburgh Steelers 1955, Baltimore Colts 1956–1972, San Diego Chargers 1973

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Johnny Unitas was an NFL quarterback who played in the league for 18 seasons from 1956 to 1973. He had most of his career with the Baltimore Colts. Unitas has been making the lists of all-time NFL greats for decades now. Why does he make it into the lists? Because he won the MVP award four times in his career. Moreover, he also led his team to three championships, including back-to-back NFL titles in 1958-59.

2. Joe Montana: San Francisco 49ers 1979–1992, Kansas City Chiefs 1993–1994

top 10 NFL quarterbacks
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Joe Montana played in the NFL for 16 seasons, mostly with the San Francisco 49ers. Montana started his NFL career in 1979 with San Francisco and stayed with them for the next 14 seasons. He won four Super Bowls and was the first player to win Super Bowl MVP three times. Moreover, Montana made his name into the Pro Bowl eight times along with winning two MVPs in 1989 and 1990 and career passing rating of a record 92.3 at the time he retired.

1. Tom Brady: New England Patriots 2000–2019, Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2020–present

top 10 NFL quarterbacks
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Tom Brady is considered one of the biggest stars in the NFL. He is also the oldest quarterback to ever win the Super Bowl. Brady has won a record seven Super Bowl titles, five Super Bowl MVPs, and three NFL MVP awards throughout his stellar career. The 2007 season is considered the best season of his life with 4,806 yards and 50 touchdowns. Besides this, he made it into the Pro Bowl 14 times.

That’s a wrap for our Top10ish list of the top 10 NFL quarterbacks of all time. These players have proved themselves as the best each in their own way. Read on for other top 10 athletes.