Top 10 Podcasts of All Time For Podcast Lovers

Podcasts are modern versions of radio stations that entertain people while working, cooking, or driving. The best part is you can listen to anything according to your mood. Be it political discussion, interviews of your favorite celebrity, motivational talks, or inspirational stories. You really can find any kind of podcast according to your interests. Here are the top 10 podcasts that you should check out.

10. The Daily

The Daily is a news podcast hosted by Michael Barbaro five days a week for 25 minutes from 6 am. Powered by the New York Times, the daily delivers all the latest news, expert opinions about science and health, and interviews of journalists from the New York Times.  What makes this show different is the in-depth discussions about daily news between Michael and the journalists. These interesting discussions keep the listeners hooked for the whole 20 minutes.

9. Serial

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Serial is an award-winning, investigative journalism podcast that unfolds the events of a true-crime story in every episode of the season. Hosted by Sarah Koenig, the podcast consists of three seasons with three different non-fictions, binge-worthy stories. In 2020, a new theme released as nice white parents, that focuses on how white parents dominate the schools that results in in-equality among black kids.

8. The Stuff You Should Know

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With hosts josh Clark and Charles Wayne “Chuck” Bryant, stuff you should know increases your knowledge about science, history, pop culture, or anything in the surroundings. The well-researched knowledge is delivered humorously, and the audience never gets bored. It made it to our list of top 10 podcasts because this podcast makes people believe that this stuff was something they should have known.  

7. Start With This

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From the creators of welcome to night vale, start with this is a unique podcast that gives people an assignment to complete after the particular topic. Hosts Jeffry Cranor and joseph kink focus on a topic in each episode and gives people something to create or something to consume at the end of each episode. The show encourages people to think, talk and be creative.

6. This American Life

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A weekly hour-long radio show and podcast hosted by Ira glass talks about different themes every week. It used to be a journalism centered show, but now it entertains people with a variety of themes, from storytelling, surprising plot twists, funny moments, and interesting ideas. It is heard by 2 million people every week through different stations and also through podcasts.

5. Radiolab

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Radiolab is a radio show and podcast hosted by Jad Amubrad with co-hosts lulu miller and Latef Nasser. The podcast hits the top 10 list due to its in-depth journalism and innovative sound design. The show used to be an exploration of science, philosophy, politics, and history but has now expanded to storytelling and long-form journalism.

4.  My Favorite Murder

top 10 podcasts
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A true-crime comedy podcast hosted by comedians Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark, my favorite murder, released its first episode in 2016. And since then, it has been breaking records on different sites. The one host tells the story mainly of crime, murder, or survivor, while the other reacts to it and discusses the modern problems related to it. The show also usually has guest appearances in it, which makes it more interesting. 

3. 99% invisible

top 10 podcasts
Source: Podcast Review

Roman Mars’s 99% invisible is about different designs in the world that remain unnoticed or overlooked by us. This weekly exploration of architecture and design is heard by millions of people around the world. It also includes interviews with different architects and experts with in-depth discussions on related topics.

2.  Script Apart

top 10 podcasts
Source: Script Apart

This podcast is for all the movie lovers who want to know more about their favorite movies. Host Al Horner interviews screenwriter of the movies and talks about the initial screenplays, the recurring changes, behind the scenes, and the whole journey of the movie before hitting the cinemas.  Produced by filmmaker Kamil Dymek, script apart gives you the best insight into your favorite movies.


top 10 podcasts
Source: Dissect

How can this list be complete without a music podcast, that too the most popular one? It would not be new for all the music lovers. But for others, dissect is a music podcast that scrutinizes a music album per season with a discussion on a single song per episode. Hosted by Cole Cuchna, the podcast dissects the lyrics, music, theme, and everything included in the composition of the album. Some of the seasons include lemonade by Beyoncé, damn by Kendrick Lamar, my beautiful dark twisted fantasy by Kanye West.

These are the top 10 podcasts of all time that millions of people have been enjoying. Let us know if your favorite podcast made the list.