Top 10 Board Games – Take Some Time off Screen

In this era of technology, where video games have taken the entertainment world by storm, board games still have their importance intact. Board games are played all around the world in many different styles and genres. In a vast and growing number of board games played by a huge number of people, we take a look at the top 10 board games to keep you busy in the pandemic.

10. Ticket to Ride

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As the name suggests, it is a railway-themed board game. In 2004, it was designed by Alan R. Moon and developed by Days Of Wonder. In this game, every player gets 45 train cars in their own color. After that, the player’s match moves their token around a scoring track as they complete routes. The game is played on a large board, with several map options including America and Europe.

9. Clue

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Clue is an amazing murder mystery game, usually played among three to six players. It was created by Anthony Pratt from Birmingham, England. In this game, the players have to figure out who murdered the game’s victim, “Mr. Boddy”. Players also must determine what weapon was used and the room where the murder took place to win.

8. Scrabble

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It is one of the most simple yet interesting board games invented in 1938. The Scrabble board game consists of two to four players who score points by placing tiles on a 15×15 grid of cells. The ultimate goal of the game is to form words with the letters you have with rare letters like Q and Z getting you more points. Not only is it fun to out-score the other players, but it’s a great game to help young kids increase vocabulary.

7. Dominion

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The Dominion board game was developed by Rio Grande Games. It is played between two to four players. In this game, you play as royalty that is the sole ruler of a small benevolent kingdom. The ultimate goal in this game is to quickly gain as much of the surrounding unclaimed land as possible. For this purpose, you can hire minions to build or defend your castle.

6. The Settlers of Catan

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Catan is one of the best in our list of top 10 board games and is called “the board game of our time” by The Washington Post. In this game, the players play the role of settlers, with each player trying to build settlements, gain land, all while acquiring and trading for needed resources. The points in this game depend on the number of settlements and special skills you can gain. All the players try to reach a set number of points first to win.

5. Battleship

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Battleship is a game based on guessing. It is played between two players. It was produced by numerous companies as a pad-and-pencil game in the early 1930s before released as a board game by Milton Bradley in 1967. This is one of the first board games to be featured as a video game later on. The two players first strategically and secretly arrange their ships on the play grid followed by calling out coordinates to hit and sink all of your opponent’s ships first.

4. Risk

Top 10 Board Games
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Risk is another tremendous board game created by Parker Brothers. Risk is a strategic game played by two to six people. The game is played on a board depicting a political and territorial map that contains 42 territories across six continents. It includes dice that are rolled by the players as they go to battle. The ultimate purpose of this game is to grow armies and be the first player to take over other players’ territories.

3. Stratego

Top 10 Board Games
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Stratego was originally built in the Netherlands by a company named Jumbo and was acquired by Milton Bradley for distribution in the United States in 1963. As the name implies, Stratego is a strategy game played between two players on a 10 by 10 board. Each player commands 40 soldiers and officers in their army. The ultimate goal of the game is to discover and capture the opponent’s flag, or to oppose the movement of your opponent.


Top 10 Board Games
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Monopoly is a board game created in 1933 by the Parker Brothers. The name of this game is inspired by the original concept of monopoly in economics that depicts the domination of a company in a market./industry. This classic game continues to attract a lot of people to try on your business skills and create monopolies. Monopoly has evolved over the years with many variations you can play today. Some also claim that the game is reprised version of “The Landlord’s Game”, which was originally created by political activist Elizabeth J. Magie Phillips in 1903.

1. Chess

Top 10 Board Games
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Chess is a pure strategy board game played on a chessboard with no element of luck or chance involved. The chessboard is a checkered tiled board with sixty-four squares arranged in an eight-by-eight grid. It is one of the world’s most ancient games that’s still popular today, played between two people. Millions of people still play this game on regular basis with a large community actively playing the game online and through mobile apps.

Board Games improve your focus, attention to detail, improves memory, and are good to have a fun time with your friends and family. Choose any game from our list of Top 10 Board Games and enjoy a game night with your friends.