Top 10 Most Dangerous Borders in the World

Some borders have gained popularity because of the regular disputes or being dangerous their selves. So, here is the list of the top 10 most dangerous borders in the world.

10. U.S.A. & Mexico

The border is famous for the trafficking of drugs. Many Mexicans have tried to enter the border illegally. Forces have to use all of their resources in order to maintain the integrity of their border.

9. Ethiopia & Eritrea

The border of Badme has been an area of conflict. Eritrea has been named as the part of Eritrea yet Ethiopia is making attempts to occupy it.

8. Sudan & South Sudan

South Sudan was created in 2005. Still the border faces many armed conflicts and fights. There has not been peace in South Sudan yet.

7. Russia & Ukraine

The border has had faced many conflicts. Millions of people have died in Ukraine due to famine. People are struggling with a hard life to live in Ukraine.

6. Afghanistan & Pakistan

The Durand Line has been known as the most dangerous border. It has faced many armed conflicts, drugs, and human trafficking.

5. China & North Korea

The border has faced numerous conflicts. North Kore seized many Chinese boats and their relationship became more crucial.

4. Israel & Palestine

Both countries have been fighting for the occupation of land for over 100 years and a center of attention in the news to this day worldwide.

3. Chad & Sudan

Their border has been an area of unrest since 2003. Both countries have been blaming each other for the support of rebels in respective countries.

2. India & Pakistan

Both countries have fought numerous wars since 1947. The region of KASHMIR. Line of Control has become the region of conflict and unarrest since 1959.

1. North Korea & South Korea

Demilitarized Zone is an area of conflict and is heavily guarded by guards on both sides. Each year many people try to enter the border and get injured or even die during it.