Top 10 Dangerous Prisoners in the World

“One should feed his right demons.” Every human being has a choice to select a path, either it is bad or it is good. Sometimes people feed only their bad demons and select the wrong path.

So, here is the list of the top 10 most dangerous prisoners in the world.

10. Brendan ‘Bik’ McFarlane

He was born in 1983 and tried to escape Maze prison, dressed as a priest in the year 1978.

9. Jack Sheppard

Jack was a thief in the late ‘80s. He escaped jail 4 times and was caught 5th time and hanged to death.

8. Joseph Bolitho Johns

Joseph was known as an Australian Bush Ranger named as Moondyne Joe and tried to escape prison multiple times.

7. Richard Lee McNair

This evil genius prisoner escaped jail 3 times. He opened his handcuffs using lip balms and crawled through the ventilation duct of the prison.

6. Alfred George Hinds

Alfred recorded his jail escapes in a book known as Contempt of Court. After escaping 2 prisons he was stopped and arrested while he was driving an unregistered vehicle.

5. Steven Jay Russel

Steven has escaped prison many times and is now kept in Solitary confinement at Texas.

4. Frank Morris

Frank Morris and his mates made a plan of escaping the jail by climbing up to its roof and then jumping into the water. They succeeded in doing so but they might drown later. Although their bodies were not found in water.

3. Antonio Ferrara

He tried to escape Fresnes Prison in France using an explosive and opened fire at the guards of the prison. He was arrested again after 4 months.

2. Jay Junior Siggler

Jay decided a prison escape with his inmates and mother. The prison was hit by a truck and they got into the car driven by his mother. Unfortunately, they met an accident and Jay died at the spot.

1. Pascal Payet

He is the most dangerous criminal in the world. He escaped jail 2 times with the help of a helicopter and was arrested after his 2nd escape.