Top 10 Most Dangerous Apex Predators

From the producers to herbivores, to omnivores there exists a food chain in the environment. Each species either eats or gets eaten by other species. But some animals remain alive, they are known as the apex predators who are present on the top of food chains. So, here is the list of the top 10 Apex Predators in the world:

10. Grizzly Bears

They are found in the U.S. These beautiful brown colored bears are Omnivores and eat small insects, fungi, roots, fish, elk, and other dead animals.

9. Komodo Dragons

These furious lizards are one to be afraid of. They are found in Indonesia. They feed on all small and big animals and will even feed on humans.

8. Snow Leopards

These beauties are widely found in Asia but are endangered, unfortunately. They feed on goats, cows, and any other small animal.

7. Saltwater Crocodile

It is one of the most aggressive reptiles and is found in Asia and Australia. It feeds on insects, small fish, and small reptiles.

6. Golden Eagle

It is the fastest bird in the whole world and is widely found in Asia and Europe. It feeds on reptiles, small fish, carrion and insects.

5. Polar Bear

These white fur bears are found in the Arctic. They feed on whales, seals, and on other animals.

4. Lion

The jungle king is also a member of the Felidae family just like Tigers. It will feed on any animal zebra, rhino, buffalo, elephants, etc. It is so powerful and rips off the meat of bones.

3. Great White Shark

It is one of the heaviest and largest animals in the world. It eats on everything from little fish to seals. It has 300 big teeth that are fit for feeding and grinding anything.

2. Tiger

It is the largest wild cat that weighs 300 kilograms and has 6times better vision than humans. Tigers feed on animals from termites to elephants. 3 species of tigers have been extinct and now 6 are left in the world.

1. Killer Whale

Yes, we are talking about those fierce whales that usually end eating up everybody in Hollywood movies. Although they are not actual whales and belong to the family of Dolphins. These whales have almost 8 cm long 45 teeth and feed on every small to large fish and animal in the Arctic, the Antarctic and in other tropical seas.