Top 10 Most Dangerous Railway Tracks in the World

Trains are a major source of transportation for long-distance travel in the modern era. The journeys through train can be both fun and adventurous but might also prove to be dangerous in certain cases. Here are the top 10 most dangerous railway tracks from around the world.

10. Cumbres and Toltec Scenic Railroad, New Mexico

This train track is located in higher areas of Chama Valley in New Mexico. The height can be as much as 800 feet against the Park Toltec and the tracks are quite old which makes it difficult for the train to balance.

9. White Pass and Yukon Route, Alaska, USA

This railway tracks connects the port of Skagway, Alaska to Whitehorse, Yukon and is one of the most dangerous railway tracks in the world. There can be severe weather conditions that add to the balance of it.

8. Devil’s Nose, Ecuador

The Devil’s Nose railway track is in a zig-zag manner that goes around 500 meters hilly area in less than 12 km. It is located at 9000 ft. above sea level and is one of the most dangerous tracks in the world.

7. Salta-Polvorillo, Argentina

The railway track took 27 years to construct and comprises of 21 tunnels and 13 bridges while being 4,200 meters above sea level.

6. Aso Miami Route, Japan

This railway track takes the passengers through a volcanic area where one can see the lava burnt forest all around them. One never knows when the next eruption might take place.

5. Death Railway, Thailand

The track goes through the Myanmar border and the route is known by the name because of the many deaths of POWs that occurred during its contractions during WWII. The track passes through dense forests, mountains, and dangerous terrains.

4. Georgetown Loop Railroad, USA

This track was constructed in the 19th century and connects Georgetown to the Silver Plume. The dangerous part is for when the train has to face heavy winds from sides while being on a great height which makes it tough to maintain the balance.

3. Jakarta-Bandung, Indonesia

The track between Jakarta and Bandung takes a total of 3 hours to end and the dangerous part is for when the train moves above the subtropical valley on the Cikurutug Pylon Trestle Bridge.

2. Outeniqua Choo-Tjoe, South Africa

This train track goes through mountain routes and one gets to see a lot of jaw-dropping scenes. The dangerous part comes in when it goes over the Kaaiman’s bridge and the ocean is the only thing that one can see around the.

1. Chennai-Rameswaram Route, India

This train track connects Chennai to the Rameswaram Island of Southern India. The railway track is totally present upon the top of the ocean which makes it one hell of a dangerous idea to travel by it.