Top 10 Most Dangerous Roads in the World

Some roads are specifically infamous for the number of the death toll that has been caused by them and for the narrow, blind turns and sheer drops they offer along with the worst weather conditions that can also cause avalanches and land sliding. Here is a list of the top 10 most dangerous roads in the world:

10. Austrian Road, Kazakhstan

This is a 37-mile road which was constructed between 1915 and 1917. It has been named after the Austro-Hungarian prisoners of war and is situated at a height of 990m-2137m.

9. Route 622 (Svalvogar Road), Iceland

Route 622 is a 13-mile road that is quite vulnerable to avalanches and heavy snowstorms. It has been carved under towering cliffs and gives a view of the Northwestern Icelandic coastline.

8. Taroko Gorge Road, Taiwan

The Taroko Gorge Road is made up of a series of tunnels carved into a mountain alongside Taiwanese Grand Canyon. There are a lot of narrow paths and blind turns that might leave your journey breathless, literally.

7. Engineer Pass, USA

Engineers Pass is located in Colorado about 3,901 meters above sea level. It too frequently faces avalanches, landslides, and snowstorms that make it one hell of a task to travel by this road.

6. Zoji La Pass, India

Zoji La Pass is around 3,528 meters above sea level and is located in the Himalayas. There are multiple instances where tourists lost their lives while traveling through this road and it is often covered with heavy snow.

5. Fairy Meadows Road, Pakistan

Fairy Meadows Road is located in Pakistan and is 3,300 meters above sea level. It is a 10-miles long road which starts at the Karakoram Highway and ends up in the village of Tato.

4. BAM Road, Russia

BAM stands for Baikal Amur Mainline and the road was built as a service road for the railway of the same name. It is a 2,700 miles long road that stretches across the eastern Siberia via broken bridges and muddy tracks.

3. Sichuan-Tibet Highway, China

The Sichuan-Tibet Highway is 4,000 meters above the sea-level that starts out from Sichuan and leads to Tibet Highway. It is a lengthy 1,330-mile route that can a couple of weeks to cover.

2. Karakoram Highway, China / Pakistan

The Karakoram Highway is 4,693 meters above sea level and the 800 miles road connects Pakistan to China. A hefty number of 810 Pakistani and 82 Chinese workers lost their lives (1959-1986) during its construction which is enough to give a glimpse of the horrors of this road.

1. Yungus Road (Death Road), Bolivia

The 43 miles road is located 4,650 meters above sea level and connects Corocio and La Paz. The road includes 200 vertigo-inducing hairpin turns with sheer drops of around 1,100 meters. This road is responsible for the highest number of deaths ever recorded and is the main reason for earning the top spot on this list.