Top 10 Most Dangerous Roller Coasters in the World

There are countless rollercoasters around the world but some are well-known for one or many dangerous specifics they have to offer to the riders. Whether it be the height, the number of inversions, or the top speed. Here is a list of the top 10 most dangerous roller coasters in the world.

10. Takabisha: Fuji-Q Highland, Japan

The Takabisha rollercoaster opened for riders in 2011 and seems more like a tangled web of a spider with the 141 feet high chain lift hill. It starts off with a rapid-fire and takes one at up to 180 degree turns and remains at around the speed of 60 miles per hour.

9. Gravity Max: Lihpao Land, Taiwan

This rollercoaster sends the riders downwards at a sharp angle of 90 degrees after raising the cart at somewhere around 114 feet into the air which one other rollercoaster has dared to do until now.

8. Fury 325: Carowinds, North Carolina

The Fury 325 rollercoaster takes the riders at the height of up to 325 feet, as stated by the name already. It has curves that lie around 81 degrees and reached speeds up to 95 miles per hour.

7. Montu: Busch Gardens, Florida

Montu rollercoaster at Florida takes the riders at a speed of 60 miles per hour and the unique thing about this rollercoaster is that the track lies above the cart and not below it. It has many sharp angles and one often can’t see what’’s actually coming next.

6. Formula Rossa: Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi

The Formula Rossa rollercoaster is true to its name and has a top speed of 150 miles per hour. Thanks to the hydraulic launch system, the rollercoaster is able to reach the top speed in just around 5 seconds.

5. Kingda Ka: Six Flags Great Adventure, New Jersey

Kingda Ka is the world’s highest rollercoaster that takes the riders at a height of 418 feet just before dropping them down at an angle of 90 degrees which is ferocious. The top speed is 128 miles per hour which can be reached in around 3.5 seconds.

4. The Smiler: Alton Towers, UK

The Smiler rollercoaster was built in 2013 and has 14 inversions in total which is the highest number any rollercoaster has ever achieved. The high numbers of rolls and loops make this rollercoaster one of the most dangerous roller coasters in the world.

3. Full Throttle: Six Flags Magic Mountain, California

The Full Throttle rollercoaster takes the riders at a height of 160 feet and that too, while they are upside down. The cart goes from a speed of 0 to 60 miles per hour in just one second. Once the whole ride has finished the track, you get the re-visit it in reverse.

2. Steel Dragon 2000: Nagashima Spaland, Japan

Steel dragon has the record being the longest coaster ever with a length of over 8133 feet of track which is more than double of the rest mentioned above. The ride has a time span of around 4 minutes and it takes you up to a height of 318 feet just to drop you 307 feet below right after. The top speed for Steel Dragon is 95 miles per hour.

1. GateKeeper: Cedar Point, Ohio

The GateKeeper in Ohio has a 170 feet high inversion that takes a full 180-degree turn while making the move. The passengers are seated at the sides of the cart instead of right on top of it and the rollercoaster passes through a series of walls that add to the sense of danger.