Top 10 Most Dangerous Snakes in the World

The world is full of animals. Some of them might not be that dangerous for us humans but there are those who’s predatory instincts are much stronger than the rest. Which brings us to some of the most dangerous snakes on our planet. Most of the snake species aren’t that much harmful but some are so dangerous that they can even kill humans.

So without further ado, here’s the list of the top 10 dangerous snakes around the world:

10. Mojave Rattlesnake

First up on our list is the alpha of all the rattlesnakes out there I.e Mojave Rattlesnake. This rattlesnake’s venom is considered to be the deadliest of all the rattlesnakes. It can grow up to 4+ feet in length. It is mostly found in Central America and Mexico.

9. Philippines Cobra

Mostly found in the northern areas of the Philippines, this cobra is one of the deadliest found on the lands of the Philippines. It can grow up to 3+ feet in size. It is attracted to freshwater reserves.

8. Death Adder

Coming up next is an entry from Australia and its surrounding regions. As the name suggests, the Death Adder only brings death to its victims. Don’t take it to be a cobra because it belongs to the Elapid family of snakes. They are relatively small in size reaching a maximum of 1.5 feet.

7. Tiger Snake

The Tiger Snake is found in the coastal regions of Australia as well as Tasmania. It belongs to the cobra family and is highly venomous. It can grow up to 4 feet in size. Its family can take up different colors depending upon their environments. They are mostly found in swamps and marshes.

6. Russell’s Viper

One of the most abundant snakes found in the world is Russell’s viper. It is found across South Asia and can be located along with human settlements as well. They can reach huge sizes of 5+ feet and more than 6 inches in width.

5. Black Mamba

Next up is the Black Mamba. This snake is found in Sub Saharan Africa. This snake is famous for its immensely huge size ranging up to 10-15 feet in size. This snake is also found living in trees making it very dangerous. It has high speeds and is found to be a very severe threat.

4. Eastern Brown

Another from the Aussie region here, we have got the Eastern Brown. It is found in many places but avoids dense jungles. Its main diet is house rats. As the name suggests, the color of this snake is mostly brown with dark black eyes. It can grow up to 6+ feet in size.

3. Inland Taipan

Another one from the Elapid family is the Taipan snake. It has about 2-3 species and is considered one of the most dangerous snakes out there. It can grow up to a whopping 6 feet.

2. Blue Krait

The Blue Krait is found in Thailand and South East Asia. It is a cannibal species meaning it can eat other Blue Kraits as well. It usually reaches lengths of 4 feet. It is found to reside in holes, plain fields or even houses.

1. Belcher’s Sea Snake

The Belcher’s sea snake is said to be the most poisonous snake to live on the face of planet earth. It is found in the Indian Ocean, Australia, and many more places. It mostly feeds on small fish and eel.