Top 10 Most Dangerous Water Slides in the world

Water slides are a means of entertainment and outdoor activity in most of the water parks. But water slides too can be dangerous when the factors like height and speed are taken to extreme measures.

10. Tower of Power

This water slide is present in Spain. The riders plunge down an almost vertical 92 feet drop through a tube that is surrounded by an aquarium full of sharks.

9. Aqualoop-Terme 3000

It is present in Slovenia and is one of the top five fastest water slides in Europe. The slide is over 290 feet in length and is over within 7 seconds.

8. Jumeirah Sceirah

The water slide is present in UAE and is a total of 360 feet in length. It takes the riders up to a height of 108 feet while reaching speeds up to 50 mph.

7. Summit Plummet

The summit Plummet is present in Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park and has a length of 120 feet while moving the riders at the speed of 6-mph. It is the third-tallest and fastest free-fall water slide.

6. Leap of Faith

Leap of Faith has a vertical drop with a length of 60 feet. The dangerous part comes when you are moving through a water tube that is yet again, surrounded by sharks from all sides.

5. Slip n Fly

It is located in Tijuana and the top of the slides stands at 42 feet while the whole length of the slide is 100 feet. It lasts around 6 seconds in total.

4. L2 Double-Looping:

This is a 400 feet tall water slide in Austria that comprises of certain trap-doors and out of this world loops and turns in between.

3. Insano

This waterslide from Brazil has had the record for being the tallest one in the world and has a height of 134 feet and the riders can have an insane speed of up to 65mph.

2. Scorpion’s Tail

Scorpion’s Tail is located in the USA and takes 5-7 seconds to complete the 400 feet, ten-story loop and plummet. The time it takes to cover this much distance gives an idea of how dangerous it might be.

1. Kilimanjaro

Locate in Brazil, Kilimanjaro has a drop height of 164 feet and is the second-highest water slide dropper in the world. The riders reach a speed of up to 62 mph with a 60-degree incline.