Top 10 Most Expensive Motorcycle Motorbikes

Out of all the automobiles we have invented, the most pleasure-able is the motorcycle or motorbike. May it be your regular bike or a sports bike, both have their own perks. So, grab your biker’s jackets because here’s a list of the top 10 most expensive motorbikes.

10. NCR Leggera 1200 Titanium Special – $140,000

Th eNCR Leggera 1200 Titanium special could look like a simple Bucati to some people but when looked at closely, one realizes the small details that make a huge difference.

9. Icon Sheene – $160,000

A total of 52 Icon Sheene are being made in the world. These are being produced to pay tribute to a British rider known as Barry Sheene. Hand crafted equipment of the bike makes it even more special.

8. MTT Y2K Superbike – $185,000

This bike has an astonishing power of 324PS but if you’re and adrenaline junkie, there is a model that offers a power of up to 426PS.

7. Honda RC213 V-S – $185,000

The Japanese company Honda was behind the design of this beauty. It was made for compting in the 2012 Moto GP.

6. Harley Davidson Cosmic Starship – $1 million

Looking for a $1 million Harley Davidson? Look no further. The artists Jack Armstrong’s Cosmic Starship Harley Davidson is one of his finest works yet which was unveiled in 2012.

5. Medusa – $1 million+

The Medusa is a bike that was inspired by the actual mythological creature Medusa. From its design, one is forced to think that it might have come from a digging site.

4. Harley Davidson Modified Cosmic Starship – $1.5 million

This is the more modified and more powerful model of the Cosmic Starship. It has everything that the Cosmic Starship had to offer but better in some aspects.

3. The Yamaha BMS Chopper – $3 million

This bike incorporates technology which renders a side stand useless. Its golden and royal appearance makes it worth its price tag.

2. Ecosse ES1 Spirit – $3.6 Million

This 265 pounds beauty isn’t meant for a normal bike fan. When the designer has to give special training to a professional biker just to get onto it, you know that there must be something special about this one.

1. Neiman Marcus Limited Edition Fighter – $11 Million

The number 1 spot goes to Neiman Marcus Limited Edition Fighter. Even though, one might wonder that a company with humble beginnings couldn’t possibly come out with such a product. But this bad boy proves it all wrong.