Top 10 Beautiful Small Towns in Turkey

Turkey is known for its beautiful resorts and Istanbul. But Turkey has much more to offer than these. There are several little towns to spend holidays in Turkey. Here is a list of the Top 10 Beautiful Small Towns in Turkey.

10. Ürgüp

Urgup has beautiful cave houses. It is the central village and the largest producer of wine in Turkey.

9. Alaçatı

It is an amazing town that has the best feature for tourism. It has great restaurants, beaches, stone houses, and streets.

8. Beypazarı

The village is known for its beautiful scenery. It is the largest producer of carrot in Turkey. It has high-quality mineral water and excellent silver work.

7. Kaleköy

It is a historic village and has remains of the Ottoman Empire. Byzantine Castle was built in the middle ages to protect the village from thieves and pirates.

6. Safranbolu

Safranbolu is an amazing village. It is the producer of the most expensive spice Saffron. It has a popular clock tower and famous mansions.

5. Akyaka

It is a simple and beautiful village along the river. Tourists eat breakfast along the river, watching beautiful geese, ducks and a river. The village has old Ottoman styled houses.

4. Amasya

The beautiful village is located near the Black Sea. It has the best temperature for the growth of fruits, especially apples. The town has some tombs of kings and some preserved buildings of the Ottoman Empire.

3. Gümüslük

Gumusulk is a quiet and beautiful fishing village. It has some historical buildings and three mosques. That adds to its beauty.

2. Uzungöl

Uzungol has the best scenery and environment. Tourists can enjoy the beauty of mountains, forests and Uzungol lake here.

1. Göynük Town, Bolu

Gonyuk is 4 hours’ drive away from Istanbul. It is a quiet place in the foothills of the mountains Bolu. The city is famous for its organic food. The natives are friendly here and tourists will enjoy the scenery.