Top 10 Most Beautiful Small Towns in Japan

Japan is a small country but still has a lot of small towns that depict the beautiful yet simple Japanese culture and have their own attractions ranging from hiking spots and hot springs to the historical buildings and landscapes.

10. Kagoshima

Kagoshima is the sister city to Naples and the town is dotted with palm trees and flowers. It also has an active volcano of its own which keeps the town covered in a coating of white ash.

9. Hakone

Hakone is quite close to Tokyo and offers a huge range of hiking spots, a landscape of mountains and lakes. It is a must-visit for any tourist who plans on visiting Japan and also offers sweet spots like hot springs.

8. Ine

Ine is located in Yosa District, Kyoto Prefecture. It is famous for its wooden fishing houses called Funaya. It is a tourist attraction and has a really small number of people residing.

7. Kanazawa

Kanazawa is one of the largest cities in Japan. The rich-history town has countless old buildings, those intact even since the 17th century. It also has a lot of pretty modern shopping malls and dine-ins.

6. Magome

Magome is a town in the Kiso Valley which lies between Tokyo and Kyoto. It is well-known for its beautiful architecture and also presents a pretty neat hiking spot to the visitors.

5. Nara

Nara is a lovely town and one of Japan’s most culturally rich towns. It is quite close to Kyota and Osaka and has been the capital of Japan for 70 years.

4. Otaru

Otaru is a beautiful town and fishing port of quite a significance and being a fishing port is obviously quite famous for its fresh seafood.

3. Tomonoura

Tomonouora is a port city in the Ichichi ward of Fukuyama, Hiroshima Prefecture. There are a lot of temples and shrines in the area and is quite famous for its fish.

2. Karuizawa

Karuizawa is near to Tokyo and is quite a tourist attraction. It is famous for its hiking spots and the cozy hot springs. It is also home to a number of bird species.

1. Hida, Takayama

Hida is well-known for a large number of shrines, temples and picturesque 18th-century buildings. It is surrounded by the Hida Mountains and gives off the traditional Japanese vibe by the markets and shops.