Top 10 Beautiful Small Towns in Croatia

Croatia has a rich diversity ranging from quiet countryside villages to towns that are awake all night. Here is a list of the top 10 beautiful small towns in Croatia.

10. Moscenice

It is a beautiful hilltop town located above the Istrian Peninsula. It has a beautiful view of the flowing water and other islands.

9. Pucisca

The town is known to be the most beautiful town in Europe with limestone white colored buildings. It is a popular destiny for tourists.

8. Primosten

It is a beautiful, small village that has narrow cobblestone streets. But it can only be visited in Summer as everything starts to hibernate in winter.

7. Veli Losinj

The town is known to have a distinct architecture, and ornamental plants. In the summer Dolphins can be seen on the port.

6. Rovinj

It is a popular town in the country. There are many 4-star hotels here that serve good quality seafood. A boat trip in the area can be quite amusing.

5. Motovun

It is beautifully a simple little town that hosts a Venetian architecture. It has small beautiful white houses. Tourists come here every year to enjoy peaceful weather and atmosphere.

4. Hvar Town

This beautiful village is famous for its nude beaches. There are no cars in the areas. The town never sleeps and people keep parting here.

3. Rastoke

It is a charming little village that has wooden houses, bridges over the river. It has beautiful scenery with smoke coming out of the chimneys of homes. Tourists come here to take a sigh of relief every year.

2. Trogir

It is a true old preserved town. There are many different buildings here, some look like old Roman architecture while some depict Venetian architecture. People who love history should come here to discover a blend of different cultures.

1. Korcula Town

It is an amazing town that has beautiful white houses with orange rooftops. There was a big fortress in the town that has been converted into shops, art galleries, and boutiques.