Top 10 Beautiful Small Towns in Greece

Greece is an enchanting historic country. It has a beautiful mountainous area along the Mediterranean Sea. The tourists can explore the beauty of small towns located along the sea or mountains in Greece. Here is a list of the top 10 small beautiful towns in Greece.

10. Plaka, Athens

Plaka is a sizzling beautiful village that has some exotic whitewashed houses with blue doors and cobbled streets. The houses are decorated with some most beautiful flowers. There are so many eateries in the town.

9. Oia, Santorini

It is one of the most romantic and enchanting towns in the world. There are beautiful whitewashed houses with blue tombs and narrow streets in the town. Many eateries, art galleries, and bars are open in the town. You can have the best view of the sunset here.

8. Kalambaka

In the 14th century, monks built a beautiful series of Meteora pinnacles to connect to God and to increase their spiritual powers. 6 of these survived and today are open to the public here. There is also the presence of some Orthodox chapels in the town.

7. Naxos Town, Naxos

The town is known to be the most beautiful Island in the Cyclades. It has many beautiful little villages with a Venetian style of architecture. There are several narrow streets made up of beautiful stones. There are many restaurants, food stalls, and crannies in the area.

6. Parikia, Paros

Parikia is the beautiful capital of Paros Island. It has also Venetian style architecture and has preserved an alluring Venetian Castle. There are temples and also some ruins of temples to discover the age of Venetians.

5. Fiskardo, Kefalonia

It is a beautiful little fishing village in Kefalonia that remained safe during the earthquake of 1953 that almost destroyed all towns in Kefalonia. There are many outdoor and indoor activities available such as rock-climbing, swimming, etc.

4. Rhodes

This beautiful village is located in the northern part of Rhodes. It is a remain of Venetian towns. The town has been preserved and made more beautiful over time. There are many churches and historic buildings in the town. It has 200 streets to walk and discover.

3. Corfu Town, Corfu

It is a charming little town that is a blend of ancient British and French architecture. The town has a dazzling beach and many restaurants and boutiques.

2. Mykonos

The town is no doubt the best resort itself. It has a beautiful beach to spend the day and to enjoy the sunset and after that tourists can hit the best eateries and pubs in the town to enjoy all night long.

1. Olympos, Karpathos

It won’t be wrong to call it the most traditional and preserved village of all time. The village was built in the 7th century and even today the houses have traditional wooden ovens, a backyard chapel, and women wearing long attires. The village is so beautiful and is surrounded by beautiful mountains. It is the best place to visit to discover history and nature altogether.