Top 10 Most Beautiful Small Towns in Russia

Russia is well-known for its tourist spots that are usually the big cities but it also has a number of small towns that depict the true colors of the country’s culture. Let’s have a look at the top 10 most beautiful small towns in Russia.

10. Vyatskoye

Vyatskoye is not far from Moscow and is one of the most beautiful towns in Russia. It has beautiful structures inside of it and has a lot of tourist attractions.

9. Plyos

Plyos was founded back in 1238 and is located upon the banks of Volga. One can come across large and well-known museums in this town with paintings of quite famous artists.

8. Stary Izborsk

This town is situated near to the border of Estonia and is an ancient one, literally. It was founded sometime around 862 CE. Due to this fact, there area number of historical architectural sites for the tourists to visit even to this day.

7. Ostashkov

Ostashkov is assumed to be one of the finest towns in Russia. It gives out the vibes and feels of a 17th century-Russian town with its beautiful buildings and the greenery all around.

6. Sortavala

Sortaval sits near the border of Finland and came into existence in 1632. It was initially a part of the Finnish state before the second World War. It is a great tourist attraction and one of the prettiest towns in Russia.

5. Rostov

Rostov is well-known for its Kremlin which is considered to be the second most beautiful one to have been constructed in Russia. Because of that, it is also a tourist spot.

4. Shlisselburg

This town was built around 1702, 350 years after the restoration of the Oreshek fortress by Tsar Peter. The fortress is a great architectural wonder and is one of the major reasons why people visit this town as a tourist spot.

3. Kirillov

Kirillov is a town famous for the humongous architectural structures that have been built there for a while now. These include a huge monastery that was built in 1397, a huge cathedral and 12 churches. The town is one to visit when having a tour around the country.

2. Uglich

Uglich is a small but beautiful town which too, has been around since the 16th century now. The town is famous for the incident when the church bells were cut and exiled to Siberia for being rung to announce the murder of Dimitri Ivanovich, Ivan the Terrible.

1. Sviyazhsk

Sviyazhsk lies between the Volga River and the Silk Road and has had quite a significance in the past centuries as a defensive spot. It is one of the top tourist destinations when it comes to small towns in Russia.