Top 10 Beautiful Small Towns in New Zealand

New Zealand is a blend of beautiful beaches and city life. Tourists can visit northern or southern beaches and can have an amazing stay in the small towns there. Here is a list of the top 10 beautiful small towns in New Zealand.

10. Russell, North Island

It is a beautiful beach town that has a lush scene of sunset. There are many yummy seafood restaurants here. The town has the oldest preserved church in the country.

9. Raglan, North Island

The town is beautiful and the best place for families to spend holidays. Tourists can have fun at the beach play in the sand and can eat some good food.

8. Feilding, North Island

It is a beautiful, small town that is full of attractions. It has many shops, boutiques, eateries, and fun activities for families.

7. Mangawhai, North Island

The town has beautiful beaches. Tourists can spend quality time at these seashores.

6. Mangaweka, North Island

The town lies between Taupo and Wellington. There are many outdoor activities like rafting, diving, and swimming available here.

5. Akaroa, South Island

It is a beautiful town that lies on an old volcano. There are many outdoor activities available here. Tourists can see wildlife like dolphins here.

4. Hokitika, South Island

This beautiful village is unique as it has many painters, glass blowers, potters here. Tourists can enjoy bonfires and sunsets here.

3. Kaikoura, South Island

It is a charming little town and is quite popular for whale and dolphin siting. There are seals found on nearby rocky areas of the town. It is the best point for animal lovers.

2. Glenorchy, South Island

It is a beautiful mountainous area that has several trees and greenery. Because of its scenery, many movies like Lord of the Rings have been filmed here. There are many outdoor activities like horse riding available here.

1. Oamaru, South Island

It is amazing that is the best spot for the siting of penguins. Rare yellow-eyed penguins can also be found here. The town is a beautiful place to spend weekends.