Top 10 Most Beautiful Small Towns in Austria

Austria is full of mountains, forests, and scenes so beautiful they will take your breath away. Life is beautiful in the city but it’s even more extraordinary in the small towns. You will be blown away with what the small towns of Austria have to offer. Here is a list of the top 10 most beautiful small towns in Austria.

10. Lienz

This beautiful town is full of art museums art lovers. It is the sunniest town in Austria with annual 2000 sunny hours.

9. Alpbach

The town is known to be the most beautiful town in the country as it has some amazing architecture of houses. Alpbach hosts the two-week business conference every year and earns great tourism.

8. Millstatt

Summer is the best time to spend the holidays here. The water of the lake here is nice and warm for swimming and it will host several musical concerts.

7. Maria Alm

It is known as the resort of the rich as only rich can afford to stay here. Former German President spent his holidays here. It offers several outdoor activities like hiking, cycling, etc.

6. St. Wolfgang

The town is known as popular because of St. Wolfgang church that is the attraction to many pilgrims. The architecture of the church is gothic and exotic. It also has many outdoor activities and some great food to offer.

5. Seefeld in Tyrol

The town is the best hiking spot in the country. It has hosted two winters Olympics as well and is the best destination for snow lovers.

4. Gmunden

This beautiful town is the best place to spend a good weekend. There are beautiful mountains with cable cars, a Z-line and a castle.

3. Zell am See

It is a beautiful town and the best place for explorers. Tourists can travel by foot or hike an Alp mountain. His town is famous for skiing.

2. Durnstein

It is a small colorful town that has beautiful houses and a blue colored landmark tower. There are many local wineries here where tourists can go and taste different flavors.

1. Hallstatt

It is the most historic town in Austria. There have been 2000 ancient graves found here. There is an ancient Church here that has old paintings of skulls on the walls. The town has an exotic view of mountains and nature.