Top 10 Most Beautiful Small Towns in Australia

Australia is full of mountains and sceneries. You can visit its museums, opera houses, and many more tourist destinations but the small villages in Austria hold a separate magical attraction for tourists. Here is a list of the top 10 most beautiful small towns in Australia.

10. Margaret River WA

This beautiful town is full of greenery, wine gardens along the river Margaret. There are many caves in the town. Mammoth caves are known to host many fossil fuels in the town.

9. Augusta WA

The beautiful town is known for its beautiful Blackwood River, forest, rocky lands, and white sand beaches. It is the best place for tourists.

8. Airlie Beach QLD

It is a beautiful beach town that has many resorts. There are many outdoor activities like skiing, scuba diving, etc. in the town. The town has many popular night pubs.

7. Broome WA

It is known as the ‘pearling capital’ of Australia. Tourists can enjoy the best sunset on a camel along the beach. There are also many cliffs in the town for hiking.

6. Birdsville QLD

The town is located in the Queensland region. It has a Diamantina River and has a coldness in the desert. There are also many pubs in the area.

5. Port Douglas QLD

The town is the best place for beach lovers. One can play volleyball or swim in the coral sea. There are several seafood stalls and restaurants in the town.

4. Cygnet TAS

This beautiful town has become a little family-like community. It is present along the Huon River. There are many wineries in the town and tourists can hike the little hills surrounding the town.

3. Beechworth VIC

It is a beautiful historic town. The town has many museums, wineries, and parks. Many festivals take place here trough out the year.

2. Kalgoorlie WA

This colorful town has 19th-century architecture. There are many gold wines in the town and tourists can join Superhit mine to find the gold. The town is RV friendly and also has many museums.

1. Alice Springs NT

The beautiful town is a mixture of both hills and desert. It hosts several festivals and outdoor activities such as hiking and camel rides.