Top 10 Most Beautiful Small Towns in France

France is a beautiful country that has a blend of distinctive cultures and traditions. There are several amazing little towns in France. Here is a list of the top 10 Most Beautiful Small Towns in France.

10. Ars-en-Ré

This beautiful town is the largest harbor in the country. There are many outdoor activities available here like horse riding. There are numerous shops, eateries to be explored here. Tourists can also watch the migratory birds here.

9. Bayeux

The beautiful town is known for its history as its name suggests the war of conquest of England. It has a beautiful Medieval age architecture. Special buses along tour guides will take tourists on a complete trip to the town.

8. Cassel

It is another exciting holiday destination. It has beautiful gardens and historical sites. The town is famous for its role in world war 2 when British armies tried to destroy it.

7. Chinon

It is known to be one of the most beautiful towns in the country. Amazing red cherry wines of Chinon are famous. There are many restaurants and shops in the town.

6. Cluny

It is another historic town. There are some Medieval age castles and buildings in the rea that can be visited. It also has a preserved prehistoric skeleton of bears.

5. Collonges-La-Rouge

The town has the architecture of the 8th century and also of the modern age. It is the most beautiful town in France. There are many historical monuments and sites in the town.

4. Roussillon

This beautiful town has become the most popular destination. Chocolate and sugar art in the town is very famous and there is a specific museum for such artwork.

3. Domme El Calafate

Knights Templar were kept locked up in the city in 1307, the walls of the town still have the codded graffiti that represents that era. The place is the best spot for tourist have a huge interest in history.

2. Étretat

This colorful town that has small cliffs where people can do rock climbing. The town has a museum and gives a pleasant view of the coastline.

1. Éze

It is one of the most beautiful and simple towns in France. You can climb up the hills to have n exotic view of the town, beautiful houses and a peaceful atmosphere. Tourists can spend the day climbing and enjoying the beautiful scenery.