Top 10 Most Beautiful Small Towns in Norway

Norway has amazing scenery. It is one of the most beautiful countries all across Europe. It also has numerous little villages and towns that travelers will love to explore. Here is a list of the top 10 Most Beautiful Small Towns in Norway.

10. Undredal

This beauty is located along Aurlandsfjorden. It has half the number of goats to the residents. It is famous for its goat cheese and sausages.

9. Flekkefjord

It is a little beautiful town that offers numerous outdoor activities. Railbike Tours are quite famous for exploring the beauty of the town. There are museums and some amazing shopping places in the town.

8. Harstad

It is a beautiful small town that hosts small white beaches and is a perfect spot for skiing and hiking. Northern lights and midnight Sun can be viewed here at night.

7. Narvik

If you are a fan of series Vikings, you will be then much interested in visiting Narvik situated along the shore of Narvik Fjord. Vikings lived here and there is a special museum in the town that depicts its history.

6. Geiranger

It is an amazing little town that has amazing scenery. Lonely Planet has named it as the best place for tourists in Scandinavia. It is also the 3rd largest port in Norway.

5. Henningsvaer

The town is famous for its numerous outdoor activities. It is a little coastal town. People come here for scuba diving, mountain climbing, etc. There are several eateries and art galleries to visit in the town.

4. Skudeneshavn

This beautiful town has beautiful white wooden houses that look lush. The town is mainly famous for its boating festival ‘Skudefestivalen’. People come from the whole country to participate in the festival.

3. Longyearbyen

This snowy town is the most northern town in the world. It has all the most Northern banks, hospitals, ATMs, etc. Tourists can camp in the midnight Sun here. The town remains snowy throughout the year that can be 10-40 meters deep. From October to March there is no Sun and locals celebrate a week-long festival to welcome Sun back in March.

2. Flam

This amazing little village is like an enchanted valley. The train passes through the town and one can experience the most beautiful train journey here. Tourists can take boats to explore the town up to the waterfalls.

1. Reine

It is the most beautiful town in the country. It has breathtaking scenery. Morning visit to the beaches of Horseid and Bunes are amazing. Tourists can camp to enjoy northern lights at night.