Top 10 Most Beautiful Small Towns in Sweden

Sweden is a country that is known for its attachment with nature and the best place to observe the fact is no other than the small towns of the country that truly depict the meaning of it.

10. Gammelstaden

Gammelstaden is in the north of Sweden, near the city of Lulea. It is famous for a number of reasons including a church that sits at the center of 424 wooden cottages and gives a depiction of the medieval ages.

9. Nora

Nora is a small beautiful town filled with houses made of wood and cobbles streets. It is a classical vacation-spot for anyone who wants to have a dive into the past and escape the modern city patterns for a break.

8. Ystad

Ystad is a town located in southernmost Skane County and its origin dates back to the 11th century. It is home to a number of historical architectural monuments that stand tall with all the glory even today.

7. Mariefred

Mariefred is a colorful town and comprises of wooden houses that originate from the 18th century. It is near to Stockholm and is also well-known for the Gripsholm Castle that has now been turned into a museum.

6. Molle

Molle is located on the southwest coast of Sweden and is a lively town. It is famous for activities like fishing and depicts a picturesque view of the location.

5. Simrishamn

Simrishamm is a coastal town that lies in the southern Skane County and is a part of the country’s ancient southeastern portion. The town is a natural beauty and the perfect spot from someone willing to escape into the natural setting for a while.

4. Jokkmokk

Jokkmokk is located in the far north of Sweden and is a place with snow falling most of the time around the year. It is a beautiful place to visit and also holds festivals and concerts around the year which also attracts a number of visitors.

3. Visby

Visby is famous for its preserved fortified walls that date back to the old centuries. It is also home to a number of old historical buildings and architectural specimens.

2. Sigtuna

Sigtuna holds the title for being Sweden’s oldest town. It came into existence back in 980 by a Swedish King. The things unique to the town are the medieval town center and the wooden houses built all around that take you back into that time yet again.

1. Trosa

Trosa means ‘panties’ in the Swedish language. It is home to the summer homes of a number of celebrities and people usually come here to spend their vacations in a peaceful setting. The origin of this town also dates back to the 14th century.